The Cornhole sets are imprinted with either cut vinyl, printed vinyl, or directly imprinted (stained) depending on the artwork and image complexity.
We ship from our manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, OH 45246.
We can ship either Fedex, UPS or LTL, on our account or yours. For smaller orders of 1-9 sets it is usually more efficient to ship Fedex or UPS. For larger orders of 10+ sets, LTL can be a better option if the receiver has a dock available.
The regulation set weighs 55lbs, but ships at a dimensional weight of 70lbs. The tailgate sets weigh and ship at 30lbs. The tabletop sets weigh and ship at 2lbs. Please click here for more specs on this promotional product.
Each set (2 boards and 8 bags) is double box in a Fedex or UPS shippable box.
Yes, we offer drop shipping at no extra charge.