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PROMOTOSS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS is a proud partner of the SAGE and ASI network. Promotoss is a promotional products company, supplying best-in-class branded games and promotional gifts. With a wide offering of custom branding capabilities for game products and accessories, Promotoss continually drives higher audience engagement for companies worldwide. Each customer that comes through Promotoss is suited with a staff of high quality customer service representatives, in-house designers, a 9-5 production team, prompt response times and more. Promotoss is proud of the relationships that have been acquired through the Sage and ASI network and plans to continually grow and create more promo-success!

Branded games
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We are not your normal promotional products supplier. We are not a social media marketing company, nor are we an internet marketing agency. Promotoss is a promotional products manufacturer and the leading branded games supplier for the promotional products industry. We sell wholesale games and we’re passionate about them. Before you continue reading, forget the custom usb’s, paper bags, cheap promotional items and, instead, think about what a brand experience means to you. Now, is your idea different from what your customer believes a brand experience to be? Who is right? More and more, marketing agencies have grown to understand the importance of brand experiences and the long-term growth it nurtures for their clients. After doing work with nearly every Fortune 500 company, the owners and staff at Promotoss have realized that marketing is no longer a simple transaction- a formula- but, instead, an art. With today’s connectivity, we have to reach our customers on an experiential level if we want to be successful. This isn’t about throwing custom stress balls at people and hoping they respond, it’s about loving your product and meeting your customer, face to face, to see if a relationship would be fitting. Is there reciprocal return and do you fulfill their needs? It’s hard to walk around an event, throwing frisbees with giant logos on them, shouting at people and still have an innocent halo present, at the end of the day. Customers know when a company is detached. Period. Branded games represent a new level of marketing, bringing your clients into the public’s field-of-view, without shouting or trying to solicit personal information in return for corporate swag. Very simply put, we want you, your client, your client’s client, and all the brand ambassadors plus more, to have fun. That’s when the experience happens, and you’ll surely happen to experience it.

Websites rely on SEO, which is why there are quite a few keywords in this article. We’re trying out some SEO tricks for our new 2019 games (honesty is the best policy, plus we’re just excited). What’s interesting, though, is that while we are looking through keywords, online, a pattern emerges, showing an astounding number of online users- supposedly marketers- who enter queries such as “Cheap promotional items”, “promotional products cheap”, “cheap promotional items no minimum”. Add to that, there is an endless list of queries that name everyday products of which we all own at least 10 (ie: branded stressballs, cheap pens that dry out before ever touching a shred of paper etc.). Most companies feel they have a pretty good image painted of their customer but do they realize that our customers paint images of us, all the time, based on our actions? What do our actions say if we’re not even warming up our customers and just tossing corporate swag at people leaving an event; surely, they must understand we want to get our name out there and be seen by the world. Doesn’t everyone want that, though? Having a pile of pens next to a trash bin at a SanDiego tradeshow is not necessarily getting your name out there, unless of course you’re advertising to seagulls which will be present at the final destination of those pens: the landfill.

We don’t play games
but you should.

When we first started making these games, we thought marketing was as simple as the aforementioned methods. We approached people cold, shouted into the open, paid a lot of money to be put in industry magazines, emails, we printed our own corporate swag and more but something just wasn’t working. We weren’t connecting with our customer nor were we adding a lot of value and creating a brand experience- not to mention not using our resources, since we are a branded games company! The best thing we did, following that, was turning our own marketing efforts away from discount personalized pens, cheap giveaway items and petty offers and, instead, focusing on our product. The game. We changed our entire workflow and automated the monotonous parts and made the human aspects have greater weight. Our image changed a little, our staff grew and new customers came. One customer never sold a branded game like this in their life, but they were almost as excited as we were to sell it, with one request: they wanted a self promo discount, so she could show her clients. After pausing our conversation at an asi show, I sent the request back to Promotoss HQ and, within a few days, it shipped. And we waited. After only a few days, we logged into our distributor portal where we saw a review on our company mentioning, “quality logo products” and sharing how much fun they had with the game. We loved the capslock-usage, but what’s even more enjoyable is that we learned that they loved the games AND their event was a major hit because of them. Just a month later, an order was received with a lady that was ecstatic to speak with us and certainly eager to refresh us about her previous order – it was her! Still a fresh memory, although a month’s time had passed. I can’t remember what I had for lunch, sometimes, not to mention what pen or pamphlet a company gave me a month ago. She remembered, though. That’s when we started to learn about the importance of experience. Brand experiences carve pathways in the brain that are full of genuine, human-interaction that cannot be replaced by other means. Brand experiences are binding, in nature, and cannot be easily disposed via waste receptacles. Brand experiences build relationships and they are the past, present and future of marketing & advertising.

Promotoss, and all the efforts we put into marketing it, would not exist without the continuous demand for branded games, on a wholesale promotional products level. So, whether you’re the account manager for a Fortune 500 Brand, a Big Tech company or maybe you’re working on a local F&B marketing project- no matter the account size, we will fulfill the order size that fits your needs. The only minimum we ever introduced was in January of 2019, making our promotional Tabletop Cornhole have an MOQ of 5 single boards, instead of selling them as sets of 2. Yes, that’s right, a huge minimum of 5, very small, boards. The decision was unanimous, Tabletop Cornhole is simply not often played with two boards, as one will fit on a table for two, comfortably. Most customers order more than 20x the new minimum, anyways. That being said, our past experience as a small business- with the associated, grueling learning curve and list of mishaps- has led us to make decisions that understand and solve the problems that small businesses face, while still being able to serve any Fortune 500 company. One thing we did not like were minimums; not particularly our favorite. Some brands get huge return from imprinted coffee mugs and USBs, some brands might communicate better if they give their customers a good time- what works for one company does not mean it will work for yours. We will never know what’s most effective, however, unless we’re allowed to run trials, measure and then evaluate our return. Having MOQs (minimum order quantities) inhibits collective growth, stabilization and is generally an unnecessary obstacle for items over a certain price point. We have a highly technical team of designers and production staff who work quickly and effectively and, in turn, our setup cost is reduced to such a negligible number it would be impractical to calculate that cost. For that reason, we happily invite you to come experiment, try out all of our products, and we hope you enjoy the flexibility that the Promotoss team is dedicated to offer.

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We strive to be a highly effective team, waiting to take your order and build a professional, lasting relationship. Please join us to learn more.

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