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PROMOTOSS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS is a proud partner of the SAGE and ASI network. Promotoss is a promotional products company, supplying best-in-class branded games and promotional gifts. With a wide offering of custom branding capabilities for game products and accessories, Promotoss continually drives higher audience engagement for companies worldwide. Each customer that comes through Promotoss is suited with a staff of high quality customer service representatives, in-house designers, a 9-5 production team, prompt response times and more. Promotoss is proud of the relationships that have been acquired through the Sage and ASI network and plans to continually grow and create more promo-success!

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For the experience

We are not your normal promotional products supplier. We’re not a social media marketing company, nor are we an internet marketing company. Promotoss sells nothing but hit promotional products. Forget the custom usbs, paper bags and cheap promotional items, and begin building a brand experience with your customers in mind. More and more, marketing agencies have grown to understand the importance of brand experiences and the long-term impact it creates for their clients. For years, we have been worked with every Fortune 500 company you can imagine, with marketing agencies as the mediator. After each year, it has become very apparent that marketing is no longer a simple transaction- a formula- but instead somewhat of an art. This isn’t about throwing custom stress balls at people and hoping they respond, it’s about loving your product and meeting your customer, face to face, to see if you would both be a good fit for one another. It’s hard to walk around an event, throwing frisbees with giant logos on them, shouting at people and still have an innocent halo present at the end of the day, as if nothing is forced. Promotoss’s branded games bring your client into the hands and eyes of people, without shouting or trying to entice with corporate swag but, instead, simply letting people have fun.

Websites rely on SEO, which is why there are quite a few keywords in this article- I wanted to share that so you could not be duped. What’s interesting, though, is that while I’m looking through keywords, online, there are an astounding number of monthly users who search “Cheap promotional items”, “promotional products cheap”, “cheap promotional items no minimum” not to mention the endless list of everyday products of which we all own (branded stressballs, cheap pens that are dry upon receiving and more). It’s as if we think our customers won’t see right through our intentions; to get our name out there and seen by everyone. Having a pile of pens next to the trashcan at a Kansas City show conference is not necessarily getting the word out there, unless of course you’d like to advertise to seagulls at the local landfill- they love shiny items.

When we first started making these games, we thought it was that simple. We shouted into the open, paid a lot of money to be put in magazines, we tried to have swag and more but something just wasn’t working. We weren’t connecting with our customer nor were we adding a lot of value and creating a brand experience. After changing our focus away from discount personalized pens and cheap giveaway items, we just focused on our product, like we’ve always done- until someone asked for a self promo discount. We gave it a shot, after a brief talk with the person from an asi show and there we were, empty-handed after shipping the set- so we waited. The next day we logged into our distributor portal where we saw a review on our company, mentioning our “quality logo products” and sharing how much fun they had with the game. We loved the capslock-usage, but what’s even more enjoyable is that we learned that they loved the games AND their event was a major hit because of them. The next time this agency ordered from us, just a month later, they were ecstatic and mentioned their previous experience. That’s when we learned about the importance of experience. Brand experiences carve pathways in the brain that are full of genuine, human-interaction that cannot be replaced by other means.

Promotoss, and all the efforts we put into marketing it, would not exist without the continuous demand for branded games, on a wholesale promotional products level. From Fortune 500 Brands, Big Tech companies to your local F&B project, we will fulfill the order size that fits your needs. The first minimum we ever introduced was in 2019, making our promotional Tabletop Cornhole game have a minimum of 5 individual boards be purchased; 5 boards minimum. The only reason we introduced this minimum is the ease of shipping estimates and most of our customers purchased more than 20x the new minimum. After our experiences as a small business, with the grueling learning curve that was required, minimums are not necessarily our favorite. Some brands can thrive off imprinted coffee mugs and USBs, some need to give their customers a good time- above all, however, we’ll never know what works best unless we’re allowed to experiment, test and evaluate our return on investment. Having (MOQs) minimum order quantities ends up inhibiting our collective growth so we are happy to say we do not have them on the vast majority of our products.

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