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Promotoss is a promotional products company that started out with branded games for indoor and outdoor gatherings. The first product and number one seller is the branded cornhole game. Since the branded cornhole game was released, many more games followed. A full list of branded games can be viewed here.

Promotoss is currently expanding in order to better serve the relationships it has made with a wide circle of companies. This includes creating products that are promotional items, in-demand, and meet the production and service standards that Promotoss strives to maintain. Promotoss is growing to become a single resource for wholesale promotional products and the first step is to offer staple promotional signage. From coroplast, wood and metal, to custom dimensions and media, Promotoss’s goal is to meet the demand and serve.

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cloroplast signs


Promotoss is soon to provide coroplast signs for all of it’s customers. Variations of spelling include coraplast, corplast, cloroplast and the correct version: coroplast signs. Coroplast signs are made of corrugated plastic with art imprints on either, or both, of the two faces.  These signs undergo CMYK process printing and dimensions range from 24″x36″ and smaller. Custom size requests can be made with no promise of fulfillment, but Promotoss strives to bend over backwards in order to turn around a satisfied customer.

Please stay tuned and feel free to send us an inquiry on our contact page if our product is not yet live.

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magnetic car signs


Magnetic auto signs are another product Promotoss is soon to release. These signs are produced with CMYK printing, full-cover art, on a flexible, beveled-corner, magnetic surface. Great for the many cars in the US which are used for both business and personal commuting.

Please stay tuned and feel free to send us an inquiry on our contact page if our product is not yet live.

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Promotoss is soon to provide wood signs of all dimensions. These wood signs are great to mount on the wall, hang outdoors with a right-angle metal stake, and even rope/twine/ribbon suspension. Each sign has 100% front-face coverage with stain and dye effects available. These wood signs have a lot of potential for use and, no matter where they are placed, they add a lot of stylistic character to the environment.

Please stay tuned and feel free to send us an inquiry on our contact page if our product is not yet live.

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Sturdy, metal promotional signs are soon to be available. From standard parking sign dimensions (12″x18″) to street name sign size (6″x24″) we are able to produce high-quality, full-cover art prints on metal signs. Signs may have gloss, matte, embossing and a metallic finish, per request. Street-like, hologram signs will also be available. The possibilities are nearly endless. Great for indoor and outdoor use.

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