Giant Branded Dominos Game


Giant Branded Dominos 

Dominos: Once a game played with small rectangular tiles, now made into a giant promotional product for all ages. This leisurely party game, with many variations, is made with 28 pieces and can be played with 2 or more people. Each domino tile has a face which is divided in two by a flat line, creating two square ends. Each square end contains a number of dots- 1 through 6. The reverse side of a domino typically has no design but with Promotoss’s Giant Branded Dominos Game we can custom imprint just about any logo onto the back of each bone.

Promotoss is proud to release giant dominos, along with a giant topple-tower game, to our supported promotional product companies. We would love to receive feedback on our current games and hear suggestions for new games that we’ve yet to produce. Please contact us for suggestions on our spread of promotional products.


custom dominos promotional product

Giant Branded Dominos Game Build

Each giant dominos promotional game comes with 28 game pieces. Each piece roughly measures 7.5″x3.5″ with a max art imprint of 7.5″x3.5″. This branded game has an imprint that is applied directly to the wood surface with no media between¬†imprint and wood. Special effects, gradients, colors and more are all possibilities. The face of each domino comes with a predesigned dot pattern and variable color scheme. For a full and current list of features and pricing, please contact our support staff through our provided contact page.

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