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KanJam – Top pick for college campus and beach entertainment

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Product Details

With its light weight, easily transportable plastic goals, KanJam can be set up and taken down in no time; making it the perfect backyard game. Included in the box are 2 scoring goals with a 4.5 in x 12 in 4 color process logo above the instant win slot and a 11.5 in by 12 in 4 color process logo below the instant win slot. Also included is a Official Flying disc and a scoring booklet.

Production time: typically 1-2 weeks
Free proofing? Yes.
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Common Scenario and play

The lightweight, two-goal KanJam game is the top contender for College Campus and Beach entertainment. Gameplayers can throw the official Flying Disc through the top of the holes to earn a point for the team or land it in the instant-win slot, on the front of each Kan, to bring home a skilled finale.

Ultimate Frisbee is very popular among college students and beach goers, which makes this an easy promotion to tie-in where your audience will be familiar and eager to test their skills.

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