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Promotional Products Supplier Information:
SAGE Supplier Member #69090, ASI/30226

PROMOTOSS PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS is a proud partner of the SAGE and ASI network. Promotoss is a promotional products company, supplying best-in-class branded games and promotional gifts. With a wide offering of custom branding capabilities for game products and accessories, Promotoss continually drives higher audience engagement for companies worldwide. Each customer that comes through Promotoss is suited with a staff of high quality customer service representatives, in-house designers, a 9-5 production team, prompt response times and more. Promotoss is proud of the relationships that have been acquired through the Sage and ASI network and plans to continually grow and create more promo-success!

Products Branded games

  • Indoor/outdoor games
  • Free drop shipping
  • Quantity breaks 
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Resources Everything you need

  • Full product catalog
  • Product images
  • Print templates
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Services Self-starter staff

  • 8:30am-5pm EST
  • In-house design
  • Free proofing 
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With many games from which to choose, we are happy to create proofs for your project or campaign. Our goal is to speed up the decision making process and deliver a great product.



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